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Dental Lending is Still Incredibly Good

Over the past several months there has been quite a bit of grumbling about the state of lending in the dental industry. I’ve heard from clients and from listening to dental podcasts that it just seems like the banks are asking for way too much stuff these days and don’t seem as eager to help dentists these days. I think it helps to have some perspective. In my opinion, dental lending is … Read more

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The Cost of Doing Your Own BooksDental Practice Accounting: What It's Costing You to Run Your Own Books and How We Can Help

This past week our dental practice managment experts met with 2 prospective clients. Each client complained about how much time that doing their books was taking them. Both admitted they were several months behind in their reporting because there were other more pressing needs in their practice and they just haven’t been able to get around to the accounting. Despite being an accountant, I completely get that. Doing dental practice accounting is … Read more

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Sales Tax Holiday - Good Policy or Gimmick

Sales Tax Holiday – Good Policy or Gimmick

The Wisconsin State legislature is considering introducing a bill to create a sales tax holiday.  The sales tax holiday would take place over two weekends a year.  One holiday would have a focus on back-to-school supplies and a second would focus on energy efficient appliances.  Several States have holidays like this and some will make the argument that these holidays are revenue neutral because a person enticed to shop for some of … Read more

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Can Wisconsin Eliminate its Income Tax?

Can Wisconsin Eliminate Its Income Tax

Governor Walker recently floated the idea of eliminating the income tax in the State of Wisconsin.  It would be a bold move and one that comes as a bit of a surprise given that the last budget still leaves Wisconsin’s highest income tax rate higher than it was during most of the Doyle administration. It has been said that Wisconsin is a 3-legged stool when it comes to taxes.  We collect sales … Read more

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