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Accounting and Tax

To find an accountant that you can trust and rely on is critical. Finding one who posesses these qualities and is credentialed with the appropriate titles and time tested results is even better. Our team of CPAs and accountants have the credibility on all fronts to see you through to the end.

Financial Statements

Whether you use Quickbooks or want someone to create the financial statements for you, we will ensure that you have a well-designed financial statement that helps you better understand your business.  Having a financial statement created by a qualified accounting firm also lends additional credibility with banks and other third parties.

We provide:

  • Quickbooks and Xero support
  • Bookkeeping
  • Check writing services

Financial Analysis

Because we only focus on niche markets, we can help you interpret your financial statements on a deeper level.  Are your costs in line with your industry?  What are you doing well?  What can be improved?  We provide this information to help improve your business.


We prepare all manners of tax returns.  We also stand behind our work.  Should you ever receive a notice about your taxes or face an audit, we’ll help at no additional charge.

Tax Planning

Have you been surprised at tax time?  Do you feel like you’re paying more taxes than you should?  Without taking a look at your tax situation two to three times a year, it’s nearly impossible for any tax professional to save you money.  While this process can’t eliminate your taxes, we can ensure you’re paying as little tax as possible.


Our payroll service takes a major compliance burden off your hands.  Employees are paid via direct deposit, with online access to their paystubs. All taxes are submitted electronically and we file all quarterly and annual payroll tax returns.

Business Planning

Our CPA’s can assist in determining when it’s time to add employees, expand your business, reduce costs and many other topics.  We’re happy to create financial models that can be utilized by both you and outside parties when financing needs arise.


What is your business worth?  Not only can our Certified Valuation Analysts give you an answer to that question, but we show you what can be improved to increase the value moving forward.

For more information on accounting and tax, please contact:

Marshall Watry