Edge Advise

Practice Analysis

We call this “Behind the Numbers”. By digging deeper into your financial statements, we will deliver real results and advice that can invigorate your practice or business. We also provide statistical analysis and unparalleled insight as to why you fair better or worse than benchmarks with other practices in your area.


We won’t sell you a platform “one-way-fits-all” system. Instead, we take your unique facts and statistics, compare them to other simillar models, and offer advice based on factual results.

Enhanced Profits

Reducing expenditures is only half of the equation. We’ll help you explore paths to increased profits such as marketing, contracting, improving technology, and more, while weighing the costs and benefits.


Our initial inventory will assess the following variables:

  • Productivity & efficiency
  • Overhead Minimization
  • Benchmarking key ratios
  • Profitability maximization
  • Developing goals and establishing accountability
  • Assistance in securing favorable financial packages

Decision Making

During the life-cycle of a dental practice a dentist is constantly faced with life-changing decisions. When to add an associate, what programs to implement, what marketing to do or not do, am I ready to expand? These are all decisions that we can offer guidance and answers. 

For more information on Practice Analysis, please contact:

Marshall Watry