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Jeff Vanden Heuvel


Whether it was just the challenge, curiosity or golf that lead him to his professional passion of working with dentists, he hasn’t looked back since. Owning a healthcare consulting/accounting firm for over 25 years plus stints partnering with larger firms, Jeff has been near exclusive to the dental world for 30+ years.

Jeff knows the dental field because he knows his clients and the unique attributes of their practice. Some consultants sell a one-way-fits-all platform. Not Jeff. Instead he knows that each dentist and the environment in which they practice is very different. He has seen first-hand dental office systems, technologies, incentive programs, strategies and the road-blocks that come with each. Jeff’s sweet spot lies in the common sense approach he takes to finding solutions that work, determining benefits of major dental expenditures and guiding his clients through the process.

When Jeff isn’t traveling the state to meet with his clients face-to-face, he’s fly fishing or downhill skiing with his wife or children in Sun Valley, Idaho. Jeff has four grown children in distant places that he visits often as practical.


University of Milwaukee

Interesting Fact

Obsessed with being to appointments on time


  • Fly-Fishing
  • Downhill Skiing


Often there is not enough wisdom in the world to make the right decision, make the decision and make it right. – Unkown Author