Edge Advise

Andrea BaderGreen Bay, WI

I have been a clinical dental hygienist in a single doctor dental practice for 10 years. For 10 years the office has struggled to find a successful periodontal protocol. There was a lot of “watching” early periodontal disease progress into moderate periodontal disease before periodontal therapy was implemented. This was frustrating for us and our patients. I lacked confidence in educating the importance of early intervention and treatment of periodontal disease. I was afraid the patient would reject any treatment not covered by their insurance. When our team found out Edge was coming into the office, we were all a little anxious. However, after 3 sessions with the Edge consultants, we have all thrived. They gave us the confidence to interact with our patients as a team. Most importantly, they have given us the steps to implementing a successful periodontal program. The acceptance rate of our recommended treatments has increased dramatically! Personally, I have Edge Advisors to thank for helping me become a better hygienist. I was skeptical and nervous at first, but I am now so thankful our office took this step. I look forward to going to work each day, and feel that I am now doing the best for my patients. All thanks to Noelle Hill and Edge Advisors!!

Andrea Bader, RDH